Essay on Truth About FAD Diets and Weight Loss Pills

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FAD diets and weight loss pills promise fast weight loss. Although that sounds great these methods are the wrong choice: results are only short term, are extremely harmful to a person’s long-term health, and can ultimately cause more weight gain. The United States has been so focused with the seemingly “fast results” of diet pills and FAD diets that they don't even seem to care about the trauma they are causing inside (and outside) their bodies.
Short Term Results, Does It Even Work? According to Hugo, Kataura and Block (2011) in order to achieve long-term goals of weight loss there are three major stages that a person goes through. The first being a beginning, or initial stage that usually lasts four to six weeks, next
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Extremely Harmful Media is obsessed with being tall, thin, and built. Overweight people accept the medical consequences while doing whatever they can to lose weight fast (Worthy, Lokken, Pilcher, Boeka, 2010). ”Diet pills, diuretics and laxatives are also popular methods tried by some as an effort to lose weight. These drugs are said to stimulate weight loss, with or without dieting. Losing weight by these methods may work for rapid and quick weight loss, in the form of water, but they are extremely unhealthy. They can cause dehydration, weakness, and lightheadedness short term. In the long run, they can lead to nutrient deficiencies”.
“Extended dehydration could also lead to kidney problems,” states the University Of Arkansas System Research and Extension (2013). Why put your body in such turmoil? Even children from this Maine Public Middle School participated in a study to show the percentage of students who reported weight-control behavior associated with increased risk for being overweight (Mijka, 2008). Children are even becoming obsessed with fast weight loss at this early of an age.
Some diets don’t contain essential nutrients.This can lead to nutritional deficiencies and starvation. Also, can lead to anemia, malnutrition, decreased renal function and ultimately death (University Of Arkansas System Research and Extension, 2013). Causes Ultimate Weight Gain Media is one of the main reasons that people today think FAD

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