Essay on Tropical Rainforest Destruction

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Tropical Rainforest Destruction Introduction

“In the minute that it takes you to read this page, a piece of tropical rainforest the size of 10 city blocks will vanish forever” (Lewis, 1990, pg 40). Rainforests around the world are being destroyed at such rates, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

The rainforests are “home to over half of all living things [and]…cover less than 7 percent of the land surface of the globe” (Lewis, 1990, pg 14).

This paper analyzes tropical rainforest destruction from many different perspectives because there are several contributing factors to the destruction of rainforests. Topics addressed in this paper include: an introduction to rainforests, causes and examples of rainforest
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Rainforests are valuable for their own sake and not just for the value that humans can extract from nature.

What is rainforest destruction?

When rainforests are destroyed, they are robbed of their capability to sustain plant and animal life. The plants and trees of the forests can be burnt or cut down, resulting in partial or entire devastation of the rainforest that once existed. When rainforest destruction occurs, the flora is damaged or completely gone and the animals that once lived in that area leave because their habitat is degraded or torn down.

An introduction to rainforests “Most tropical rainforests fit into one of three basic types, each defined by the amount of precipitation: a tropical dry forest, a tropical moist forest, or a true tropical rainforest. ” (Gay,2001, pg 1). Tropical rainforests receive more rain and have warmer temperatures than either tropical moist forests or tropical dry forests. “Rainforest temperatures average 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. These conditions have made tropical forests the most diversely populated places on Earth in terms of plant and animal life” (Lewis,1990, pg 15).

Although this paper does not concentrate on one type of tropical rainforest, it does address the factors that threaten tropical rainforests and their survival.

The historic extent of rainforests
“The fossil record suggests that many now distant regions of rainforest once formed continuous forest

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