Trickery and Treachery Game for Xbox360 Essay

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A figure enters into vision; he searches for riches and for fame. Little does he know that there is a trap door in front of him. He cautiously walks forward, anticipating anything out of the ordinary, and his eyes catch the trip wire that was placed and laughs as he circumvents the trap that was so deviously placed. He drops his guard, a flurry of spikes fly out from the side of the hallway taking all of his possessions (including his life) and adding them to your wealth. Trickery and Treachery is a new game with a twist on the RPG genre, with its engaging storyline and gameplay elements will make an excellent game for the Xbox360.
Game Premise

Trickery and Treachery is an Xbox360 strategy adventure game where players build mazes and
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They built large complexes and sent out word across the expanses of the universes luring would-be adventurers with stories of vast riches and fame. This is where the player begins their journey.

The player starts the game and creates their character. This character can be chosen from their Xbox avatar, or made from scratch. Players start by customizing their character: name, gender, hair, eyes, mouth, height, weight, etc… They arrive in Tel with no memory of their prior life. The game will actively acknowledge that this is quite cliché. During the game, players will be able to choose what path they take and also the path that they have come from through a series of simple conversation choices. After a short bit players are approached by a short strange little man claiming to be a humble servant. Next, the player will be given the option to name the servant to his or her liking. This servant then tells the player in short order that they have been a “cheeky little monkey” and that this is the reason why they are here. The servant (who shall be referred to as Bob for the remainder of this document) will then begin to walk the player through the tutorial for the game. Further, it is during this time that Bob will begin to tell the stories of Tel that he has gathered over the time he has been here. Strong in resolve, the new immigrant in the land of Tel sets forth with great resolve to find out their origins and forge a new path.

The first level of the game

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