Treadmill Development for Health and Medical Care Essay

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Development of treadmill for health and medical care

This research looks at the development of treadmill for health and medical care. It will touch upon the origin of the treadmill from its invention for agriculture uses to how it has developed for health and medical care in the present. It will also list the usage of treadmills in the medical field, some advantages and disadvantages of treadmills and common features treadmills in the present have.
Ever since the first treadmill was invented for agriculture uses over 4000 years ago, much improvement have been made to them and today, treadmills are no longer commonly used for agriculture but for health and medical purposes such as keeping fit, being a training machine for athletes,
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Treadmills were initially built so that people could harness the power of animals to help them with chores such as turning butter churns, spinning wheels and etc. Later, treadmills were used in prison to punish prisoners. “The prison treadmill was invented in England in 1817 by Sir William Cubit, who observed prisoners lying around in idleness” (“Prison Treadmills”, 2009). The prisoners were force to work the treadmill many hours a day. The medical treadmill was ‘invented by Wayne Quinton and Doctor Robert Bruce in 1952 at the University of Washington.’ (“The Treadmill: A History”, n.d) to diagnosing heart and lung conditions. Now, many medical related places have treadmills for medical uses such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres and etc. Fitness treadmills have also become popular as an exercise device for aerobic workouts which helps people keep fit and allow athletes to train specifically by setting their training pace. Different types of treadmills have been designed to adapt to the needs of different types of athletes. There are even large treadmills designed for bicycles so that cross country cyclists can use them to train. Treadmill desks has also been invented for office workers so that they can exercise while doing their work.

Example of how the treadmill is used to aid human’s chores

An example of a treadmill that can be used in the office

In present day, treadmills

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