Traumas of the Afro-American Race Essay

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I am discussing the issue of trauma of Afro-Americans in this research paper from psychological point of view. The present research paper will emphasize on the effects of issues, such as, social oppression, disempowerment, disenfranchisement, racism, sexism, classicism, and slavery in Afro- American race that leads to mental disorders and ultimately trauma.

Broadly, psychologists have distinguished trauma into two types: emotional and psychological. Both are the outcome of incredible events that bring anxiety and worry. These events destroy one’s safety and security, one feels helpless and vulnerable in a terrible world. Mostly people are traumatized by stressful experiences. These people in their early part of life had been subjected to heavy losses. The earlier childhood experiences of life put an influence on the latter part of life. So, once a child is traumatized in childhood, he would have long repercussions in the coming part of his life. According to latest research, childhood trauma promotes the risk of future trauma (CCTS African-American Who Suffer with Trauma). Traumatized children look at the world as fearful and threatening place. The feeling of danger and helplessness moves over to adulthood. In this way, it creates a new stage for future trauma. The following are the factors which are responsible for childhood trauma: An unstable or unsafe environment,
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