Transitioning to College: The Freshman 15 Essay

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Throughout the length of schooling, students go through various changes. In their first year of school, children are required to make the transition from being at home for the entire day to being in school for a number of hours a day. These transition periods happen many times through the schooling years, but the most drastic changes occur during the transition from high school to college, where students weather numerous lifestyle changes. While each individual student goes on their own journey, certain themes remain common between different students. Studies are done to look at these themes identifying the numerous differences and similarities.
One common theme for students transitioning to college is the concept of the freshman 15. The
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The distance from a students’ dorm room can play a part in freshmen weight gain. The closer the distance a college dorm room is to the dining hall, the more likely the student residing in the dorm room will experience weight gain (Kasparek et al., 2008).
Another key factor leading to excessive weight gain in college freshmen are new eating habits (Lowe et al., 2006). When transitioning to college, along with the new freedom comes new eating habits. Students in college often find they have an unlimited choice of food combined with limited cooking experience, and turn to a diet consisting of unhealthy foods (Lowe et al., 2006). Many unhealthy foods are ubiquitous in a college campus, due to their lower prices in stores. When students have snack foods, they may often find themselves snacking without noticing. Racette et al. (2005) found that college freshmen students often developed the habit of eating late at night, which is known to play a role in weight gain. Wengreen & Moncur (2009) found that 38% of college freshman reported consuming alcohol, which can also lead to excessive weight gain.
Yakusheva et al. (2011) ran a study taking into account the student’s peers and whether or not they affect weight gain. A student’s friends can influence them in many different ways. A friend may sway a student to attend a party and comsume alcohol. They may influence

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