Transgenderism and Feminism Essay

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Judith Halberstam’s lecture focused on the issues regarding transgenderism/transsexualism, feminism/trans feminism (FTM), and the relationships between them. The lecture mainly addressed the necessity of trans feminism and reasons for its absence in the present queer and feminist communities.
Trans feminism is necessary for all trans individuals. Leaving femininity behind creates a problem for FTMs. Growing up; they were subject to the same challenges that other young women faced. In fact, they most likely still do face obstacles on top of the challenges that come with not fitting in a “socially proper” category of gender. As Sandy Stone put in her essay, MTFs need feminism for the transition, to recognize the privileges that come with
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Camp Trans is one of the ways that trans people protest this attitude. Also, “The Butchies,” a band that participated in the festival was boycotted because they supported this exclusion by performing on stage, and yet still use the “butch” image while participating. While “butch” does not mean transgender, it is still a gender that does not fit in one of the two neatly proscribed categories. Halberstam pointed that boycotting a queer indy band only harms the queer community as a whole.
Halberstam also mentioned the dissatisfaction of the younger trans generation with the older generation and pointed out that it is just creating more separation among the community to knock off people who came out as trans long time ago. The younger generation must realize that it was much more difficult, in the past, to live as trans. Stone says that there was all this theorizing about transsexualism but the transsexuals themselves had no participation, just like men theorizing about women.
Sandy Stone gives a brief history of the medical and psychological approach to transsexualism in her essay. The criteria that the doctors and social workers used to determine if one could have surgery was the most interesting part of it. Stone refers to the only book that was available on the subject The Transsexual Phenomena by Benjamin dated 1966. It is no wonder that all of the

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