Essay on Transformational Leadership

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Transformational Leadership: Transformational leadership is one of the most popular leadership styles. According to Kendrick (2011), “Transformational leadership involves four factors: 1. idealized influence, 2. inspirational motivation, 3. intellectual stimulation, and 4. individual consideration.” These four factors make transformational leadership have an impact on followers. The goal of transformational leadership is to cause a positive change in individuals, help motivate them, and develop a leader within each individual. Transformational leaders want individuals to make a positive change in their lives and try to help people apply a positive change on a daily basis. The leaders do this by implementing individual considerations …show more content…
The motivation from a transformational leader not only helps each person to improve their working skills, but also to enjoy it much more. Transformational leaders also try to impact followers by developing a leader within each individual. These leaders want to stir up the confidence and motivation to find a leader inwardly in each individual. One of the concepts that transformational leaders try to implement is inspirational motivation. According to Kendrick (2011), “Inspirational motivation is the ability to help followers see clearly what the right thing to do is. It creates the drive for shared goals and visions.” Once each individual knows what the right thing to do for themselves is, then it helps them become better leaders. This makes such a huge difference for each person because it helps them improve their goals and visions. The impression that transformational leaders have on their followers is amazing. These characteristics show that transformational leadership is a phenomenal leadership style to apply to a company or any area of life. Ultimately this leadership style can affect a culture according to Kendrick (2011), “A culture built on foundation of ethical behavior and trust, driven by motivated and inspired employees who utilize individual knowledge and skills to improve safety performance the acceptance of safety as a personal accountability.” Transformational leaders could truly make an impact

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