Essay on Trans* Representation in Media

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Today’s society is reliant upon modern or contemporary media for access to news, information, or visuals on the state of the world among many other things. Both visual and textual media have become platforms that we use to specifically and purposely pursue knowledge or that instills that information to us on a subconscious level that we do not even realize until it’s put to use at a later date (for better or for worse). Media, while very influential and increasingly progressive, still isn’t perfect and when it comes to ‘queer media’ or shows that feature or have an LGBTQ character, there are still certain qualities that those in the community find lacking, stereotypical, or downright humiliating. This is especially true for trans* …show more content…
This overused joke will get laughs from those who see the trans* character as a ‘joke’ because in media more often than not, we see trans* issues as such; how can someone not fit their sex? Whenever these characters, whether they be animated or real-life, are used as props in jokes or are there to make people feel awkward, it can affect everyone watching in different ways: “[T]hese representations of transqueers, in other words, create models for not only the nontrans people watching but of the trans* people who consume this media” as well (Siebler, 2010). In our culture, and especially within our media, we see a very rigid, binary display of gender. There will always be the hyper-feminine female and the hyper-masculine male who give off the impression that their behavior is the only type of performance for each gender. These types of characters reinforce outdated stereotypes for men and women everywhere. Trans women undergo the same stereotypical illustrations, but theirs aren’t always done in a fashion that is flattering nor albeit correct. In shows like Fox’s New Girl, we can see the perfect example of how media portrays women as hyper-feminine through the character of Jessica Day. Jessica is a

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