Training and Development Essay

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Training and development is an essential part of every organisation. It is a learning process that involves attainment of knowledge, honing of skills and altering of attitudes and behaviours to increase the performance of employees. According to Noe & Winkler (2012) training “refers to a planned effort to facilitate learning of competencies incuding knowledge, skills or behaviours that are critical for successful performance in an existing situation” (p. 3). Development on the other hand is also about knowledge, skills or behaviours “but the time frame moves into the future, so that it involves formal education and experiences that will be essential for future performance” (Noe & Winkler, 2012, pg. 3). The purpose of this study was to …show more content…
Summative evaluation on the other hand refers to evaluation conducted after the training. It involves collecting quantitative data and looks at the extent in which trainees have changed as a result of participating in the training program. In short, have trainees acquired the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours identified in the training program plus whether employees get return on their investment (Noe & Winkler, 2012).
Crest Commercial Cleaners is a New Zealand owned business which has a team of over 1237 personnel who provide cleaning services to more than 2700 customers nationwide. They have centralised training, information systems, marketing and quality assurance programmes and their personnel are professionally trained by members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. The Crest Clean is composed of three teams: franchisee, regional managers and admin services. The franchised Owner Operators physically carry out the cleaning of their customer’s premises. Regional Managers lead Crest Cleans operations in their local area and they have sound industry knowledge plus they provide solutions based approach to managing the customer relationship. Finally, the Admin Services is the national support office that provides corporate services to customers and franchisees (Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd, 2014).
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