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TopCoder (A): Developing Software through Crowdsourcing
The Jan 15, 2010 Harvard Business School article TopCoder (A): Developing Software through Crowdsourcing describes the outsourcing model used by TopCoder called crowdsourcing. TopCoder is capitalizing on a global community of programmers and a client base while serving as an intermediary. The case analysis will address a means of successfully running the firm in comparison to a normal brick and mortar development company. It will address some of the concerns that a client might have while contracting with TopCoder. The analysis will explain why developers will be more than willing to participate in these types of crowdsourcing events. Lastly, addressing some of the barriers to
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For employers, crowdsourcing offers a highly scalable workforce. This workforce can be ramped up and down on demand, with relatively modest transaction costs. For the employer services are bought cheaply, with minimal organizational overhead. For the employees, The individuals that specialize and excel in one area of coding, can and will increase their earnings and learning potential, and if you want more talent in the talent pool offering larger rewards will definitely go a long way in recruiting talent. The community also allows peer review to hold creators accountable for their work and verify that the work is original. Secondly, a ranking system that allows the competitive nature and problem-solving prowess in everyone to grow and for those competing to put forth their best solutions. Programmers not only receive compensation for their hard work, they also get bragging rights and knowledge validation from their peers. There is also the potential for naming and shaming online for those who decide to take shortcuts or attempt to cheat. Crowdsourcing also provides solid decision making when it comes to setting solutions. Then there is a dependence on the wisdom of many, which allows for consideration and the materialization of the best solutions. In addition, crowdsourcing offers insights for behavior modification. There is a reduction in cost for problem solving, and there is the safety net that a mass of third party checkers will conduct their own

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