Tools for Sustainable Hazard Mitigation Essay

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Hazard mitigation is an important plan for societies and communities to devise, that can prepare them for various types of hazards. The mitigation process involves actions that can help to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with hazards. The process can have many positives to it, and with a mitigation plan in place, states will be safer and ready for anything. With any plan, hazard mitigation has certain tools involved. The tools are Preventions, Property Protection, Public Education and Awareness, Natural Protection, Emergency Services, and Structural Projects. Each tool is fundamental to hazard mitigation and each has importance. The key to mitigation involves planning and being prepared with the right plan that will help achieve …show more content…
Hazard mitigations impact can be felt through several aspects of community and can help provide relief and stability.
The first tool for sustainable Hazard Mitigation is Prevention. In any process that involves disaster reduction, prevention is a crucial factor. The idea of prevention deals with the concept of reducing the hazard before it has a chance to completely affect a community. The definition of prevention, according to the reading in Identify and Prioritize Mitigation Actions is, “Government administrative or regulatory actions or processes that influence the way land and buildings are developed and built. These actions also include public activities to reduce hazard losses. Examples include planning and zoning, building codes, capital improvement programs, open space preservation, and storm water management regulations”. This definition is a comprehensive explanation of prevention for sustainable hazard mitigation. An entire community or civilization working together to reduce hazard losses will ensure improved results.
One issue with natural disasters is that they can strike anytime, without warning and can cause great destruction. The process of prevention is a practicable way to combat hazards. “Complete prevention of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes is impossible; however, communities can reduce or even avoid the devastating impacts and rising costs associated with these

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