To What Extent did Title IX Lead to Acceptance of Women’s Achievements in Competitive Sports by 1982

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Part A: Plan of Investigation This investigation will be exploring the question: to what extent did Title IX lead to acceptance of women’s achievements in competitive sports by 1982, when the first NCAA women’s basketball championship was held? The first ten years 1972 - 1982 after Title IX is the focus of this investigation to see if Title IX affected women right away and how society saw women sports. The year 1982 was picked because it was the year of the first NCAA women’s basketball championship. A verity of data bases and books written by women will be used as research for the paper. Also primary source papers from the time will be used.
Part B: Summary of Evidence
What is Title IX? Title IX is a law of 1972 that protects people
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Magazines and newspapers were starting to include women’s athletics. The next year the first full women’s scholarship was given out. It was given to Ann Meyers; it was a full basketball athletic scholarship to UCLA in 1976. Women got recognition in the college level of completive sports. To start the women’s professional spots Lucy Harris became the first woman to be drafted to the New Orleans Jazz NBA team in 1978. That same year was the first Women’s professional Basketball League game. It was played between the Chicago Hustle and Milwaukee Does that December. One of the last things building up to the NCAA college basketball championship was a women’s hall of fame. In 1980 there was an international women’s sports hall of fame established by the women’s sports foundation. The NCAA women’s basketball championship was in 1982. It was the first women’s championship ever and was 10 years after Title IX.

Part C: evaluation of sources
This article is a primary source from the American Bar Association Journal, titled “New Title IX Game Plan: Lawyers to Get the Ball.” The purpose of this article is to share the concern for the lawyers and new legal cases that will open regarding Title IX and how it will be handled. The value of this article is that it gives the point of view from the people that will have to fight for what is justified in legal system. The lawyers will have to defend women’s rights. The limitation of

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