To What Extent did Native American Participation in World War I Affect their Attainment of Status

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This investigation seeks to discover whether World War I was the predominant cause of the United States granting citizenship to Native Americans in the early 20th century, or whether this was effected by an ongoing process of acceptance. Citizenship was granted to Native Americans less than a decade after the end of World War I, however, movements to include people of Native American tribal affiliation as full and equal citizens had begun before World War I and continued long after the end of World War I until 1948. I will determine the degree of correlation between the war and the citizenship of Native Americans by researching the status both legal and social from 1853 to 1970

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The popularity of her book increased activism. After this, legislation was passed to protect Indian rights, such as Indian Rights Association, however, these were generally unsuccessful because, they generally conflicted with the United States desire to gain full jurisdiction over Native American people. Although the United States government attempted to establish rights for Native Americans, these efforts were overshadowed by a cultural opinion of Native American inferiority, and the mentality “demonstrated by the educational slogan ‘kill the Indian, save the man.’” After World War I the government continued to pass legislation to obtain Indian lands. The Snyder Act passed in 1921, prevented Native Americans from “claiming services based on treaties” , basically nullifying all previous treaties. However, there was also an increase in legislation regarding Native Americans leading to Native American veterans allowed to apply for citizenship without undergoing a process of assimilation, and in 1924 the passage of the Indian Citizenship Act granted immediate citizenship to all natives who were born within United States Jurisdiction. However, this did not mark the final point in

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