To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and A Blow, A Kiss, by Tim Winton

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The difference between short stories and novels extends far beyond the obvious, Short stories are often read in a single sitting and can be defined as a brief version of logical events usually revolving about a singular plot. Whilst a novel may retain many of the characteristics of a short story the format builds upon these basic ideas and concepts, expanding on themes and extending the plot and shaping the story through complicated interaction between characters. The process of comparing two texts is known as Intertextuality. By studying the novel "To kill a mocking Bird" Authored by Harper Lee and contrasting this with the short story "A blow, A kiss" written by Tim Winton

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Due to the obviously brief nature of a short story the element of themes is usually singular and may refer to a limited number of other themes as reference to support the presiding theme. "A blow, A kiss" is a prime example of this trend, The obvious theme in this story is about the bond between father and son and Albie struggling to make sense of the lack of that bond between another father and son. "A blow, A kiss" also has underlying references to alcoholism and family values and the effects alcohol has on the family unit. The themes in Harper Lee’s novel however evolve differently, The underlying theme resides about the inclusion of racism and prejudice within society. "To kill a mocking bird" delves into several themes including; the maturing of Jem and Scout, respect for others, Acceptance of people who appear strange and reclusive only because they are misunderstood by the majority. Because of the length of the novel this allows for the author Harper Lee to introduce more complicated and intertwined themes, for instance the during the process of Jem and Scout maturing they both begin to realise the harshness of their child fantasies of making Boo Radley "come out". Longer time in the book allows for these issues to be dealt with in a more in depth view rather than letting the reader identify

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