To Be, or Be Two Essays

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To Be, or Be Two

Imagine walking down the street, or seeing someone on the television and think they look just like you, or someone you know. As much as they may look like you, you pretty much know there is no relationship between you and the look-alike. However, in today's day and age, it is nearly possible that the look-alike is really a clone of you. Now of course, it is not this simple, but the point is, with science today, cells, and eventually people, are being cloned. These actions of cloning are for both human and therapeutic purposes. Cells are being cloned for the sake of fertility reasons, and to grow cells for new organs. Is this right? I personally disagree with the fact of cloning human embryos for the purpose
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What does all this suggest? The possible solution here is that couples decide to clone embryonic cells from the embryo in case it does not survive, in which case, the couple can try again. To me, this sounds a bit like a safety net. It almost predicts an expectation of failure in the survival of the fetus. When I read this, all I could think was the parents having an attitude kind of like, "Well, this one didn't make it, but have no fear, we have back up cells to create this again." I know it seems harsh to say, but that is the impression I got as a reader. Why can't the parents try again, without the same cells from that embryo? Let that fetus grow up to be its own person, not someone who was supposed to be born but wasn't. It is almost like the parents want this baby to be the same one they did not have. Which brings me to my next argument against cloning human embryos.

Those for cloning suggest that these cloned embryos would be good matches for those family members who may have problems with certain organs and such. "The most powerful reasons for cloning are to enable embryos to be genetically typed and to provide compatible tissues and organs for

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