To be free: The Meaning of the Word Essay

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To begin with, imagine a dark, cold, sterile room. It is filled with cages containing terrified stray animals. A small black and white puppy whimpers in a dark and musty corner cage. The puppy shivers and cries out for his mother repeatedly, only to be muted out by the roar of strained, aggressive barking and cruel, tortured growls. The revolting smells around him are foreign and abnormal, a mixture of filth in a sterile environment. Closest to him, the puppy smells the dog in the next cage. The puppy is entrenched in the sour, rancid stench of the broken dog's fear. The sickening smell penetrates him completely. The puppy is scared. He's been in this cage for nearly a week, and though he is given food and water, he is utterly alone. The …show more content…
The word is certainly ambiguous and commonplace. For instance, if you were to ask a child what the word free meant, the definition to them would probably differ greatly from the definition a former slave would give. The difference would mainly come from the strong emotions attached to the word. The child would most likely give a definition related to cost or the lack there of, and express emotions like joy and excitement at the thought of a free toy. The former slave would have much deeper and mixed emotions when defining the word free. This person would have the depth of experience and the idealism of tremendous struggle that would surprisingly outweigh the child's range of emotion concerning the meaning of the word. Furthermore, to quote my mother, “nothing is ever really free.” She meant that everything has a price, in reference to a moral lesson, none the less, she was correct. In America today, there are massive amounts of advertising about supposedly “free products” that we are inundated with on a daily basis. Most of these advertisements turn out to be false claims, wherein to actually obtain the free gift, the consumer must buy something else, usually at an inflated price. Therefore there are some connotations of the word free that are inherently negative to people as well. Next, consider a hopeful young woman hearing the humdrum, nondescript elevator music, on hold with a customer service center help line. This hopeful has called the center

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