“to Be an Effective Manager, You Have to Be a Good Listener”

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Harvey (2006:160) Listening is the first communication skill we practice as infants, and from listening to other people around us, we learn how to speak. We listen far more than we speak, read or write; possibly up to 75% of the time, yet it is a communication skill we are not formally taught. We can close our eyes and mouth and can leave the keyboard or pen alone, but our ears are constantly open. We are frequently told to ‘listen up’, that we ‘weren’t listening ‘, that we ‘never listen’, but we are seldom taught how to listen effectively.
What make an effective manager? To be an effective manager, you have to be a good listener. Manager must possess three listening components: Hearing, Understanding and Retaining.
Hearing is the
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Effective manager listen patiently to what the other person has to say even though you may believe it is wrong or irrelevant. And also understanding the feelings employee is expressing as well as the intellectual content. Most of us have difficulty taking clearly about our feelings. So it is important for the manager to pay careful attention. As manager do not get emotionally involved yourself. Try simply to understand first and defer evaluation until later.

When we think about listening, we tend to assume it is basically the same as hearing; this is a dangerous misconception because it leads us to believe effective listening is instinctive. As a result, we make little effort to learn, or develop listening skills, and unknowingly neglect a vital communication function. Consequently, we create unnecessary problems for ourselves and others: misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and confused instructions, loss of important information, embarrassment, frustration, and lost opportunities.
Listening involves a more complicated mental process than hearing. It demands energy and discipline. Listening is most often a learned skill. The first step is to realize that effective listening is an active, not passive process. A skilled listener doesn’t just sit there and allow listening to happen haphazardly.
The belief that the power of the talker plays a major role in communication is why many managers are poor listener. An effective manager must

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