Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson

     Table of Contents

I.     Early Life and Childhood     1
II     Through Collage and Into the world     2
III     Revolutionary Politics     3
IV     Pre-Presidential Posts and Accomplishments     4
V     Presidency and post presidency     5
VI     Picture     6
VII     Works Cited     7
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II. Through Collage and Into the World
     In 1760 Thomas emerged from the Virginian foothills and enrolled at the Collage of William and Mary at Williamsburg. Here he excelled in his studies, which included Language, history, and Law. He was particularly intended on following law and after attending collage from 1760-1762 he worked under George Wythe as a lawyer. He did this from 1762-1769 until he began a six-year term as a representative in the Virginia house of Burgesses in 1969. It was in this place that he began building his reputation as a man of whit, charm, intelligence, and social standing. (
     In 1763 at the age of twenty he began building a mansion for himself on part of the land he had inherited from his father. This home, which took more than ten years to build, was named Monticello and built it in part for his wife Martha Wayles Skelton who he married in January of 1772. Through Martha he had six children; Martha Washington Jefferson, Jane Randolph Jefferson, an infant son who did not survive long enough to be formally named, Mary Jefferson, Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson, and another Lucy Jefferson. As sad as it may seem only two of his daughters, Martha Washington Jefferson (1772-1836) and Mary Jefferson (1778-1804) survived into adulthood. (

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