This I Believe Essay

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This I believe The first memory I have is seagulls. I was around two years old at the time and my family was on the board walk in New Jersey. It was summer time and the air was warm, but not hot and I can still remember the cool breeze flowing off the ocean onto the mass of people walking in between the amusement park rides. The rides are not what I remember however. It was the seagulls, they were the ones riding the real rollercoaster. All the rides simulate doing different things and making you move fast, but in reality you can’t do any of those things and you are always restricted to the will of the ride. The seagulls however could do as they pleased. They were the ones with the real freedom, the ones who could soar and glide through …show more content…
Still, I was at the time satisfied with seeing other things fly. I was always fascinated by the robins that lived and nested in a tree of our yard every year. They would be there for most of the time, but when it came close to winter they would migrate just like all the other birds. I always wondered what that would be like and I was always a little disappointed to be left behind. I would wonder about why they got to fly freely and go wherever they chose and why I was always left behind and locked into the one same place. I know more about birds now, but at the time I could never understand why with such freedom those robins would still always choose to come back to the one middle of nowhere tree in our front yard. Aside from that, I had also always noticed how fast toy airplanes were. The way I saw it, you compared a toy airplane to a car. The airplane could go much faster than the car, cross any kind of terrain, and could also travel much farther on most occasions. My reasoning for all of this is that the plane obviously wasn’t held down to face the tough ground that the car always had to deal with and navigate around.

I soon became obsessed. Most of my favorite videogames became all the ones where you got to fly. On top of that I also started collecting things that had to do with airplanes and birds. My dad got me a growing stack of aircraft pamphlets that were filled with facts and information on all different

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