Essay about This I Believe: Life and Creativity

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I believe that creativity, like the spark of life is magic incarnate; Creativity is being able to look at any situation and come up with a unique way to solve the problem; there is a direct correlation to humanities ability to adapt and create, because of this creativity is a driving force of the world. Without creativity there would not be art, music, science, or technology. Creativity and science have always walked a path through the world together. Although many people do not see it this way because they associate science as learning what came before rather than how it came into being, such as the wheel, space travel, and everyday conveniences. “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” …show more content…
Life and creativity have a way of flowing from one to the other and back again on a wave of endless motion. Stephen Neill once said “The bad teacher imposes his ideas and his methods on his pupils, and such originality as they may have is lost in the second-rate art of imitation.”(Neill; Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery but it is not creative. Stephen Neil’s’ magnum opus was a book History of Christianity in India. Creativity in the arts can come from all walks of life from a death row inmate who writes children’s books to Charles Mingus, a civil rights activist who also happened to be a jazz musician. An aspect of creativity is best described by Mingus and his quote “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” Charles Mingus was a virtuoso when it came to playing bass but he was also an accomplished writer, composer, and pianist one of the few people to win two grants from the Guggenheim Foundation. Charles Mingus is to this day still considered the foremost composer of Jazz by many people in and out of the music industry. It is the creative and innovative business person who stays ahead of the curve. In the world of business if a company owner is not creative or innovative in any way they will be a blip on the consumers’ radar screen eventually falling into obscurity and

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