Things that Can Trigger Depression and Low Self-esteem Essay

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A-14-year-old minority female, facing the very real possibility that she may be pregnant. She has always struggled in school (she has been failed a grade already), and is currently a freshman in high school.
The environment of this girl should be designed in a manner which makes it conducive for a healthy development of both the girl and the baby she is expecting. She should receive guidance and counseling because she is at a very delicate age where decisions made by an adolescent may be irrational and careless. Being pregnant at 14 years makes her very exceptional among her peers and therefore, they may pay her more attention than she can handle. This is likely to affect her both psychologically and mentally and she may end up failing
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Teachers should support her adequately as she may seem to be a weak student who can give up very easily.
Some types of environmental factors would hinder healthy development of this girl. The development of a pregnant teenager would be hindered by stress and depression from her external surroundings. With stress there is even a possibility that she can have cramping or excessive bleeding that can lead to miscarriage. The environment with physical stress can lead to many complication and stress need to be eliminated completely from her life. The environment with pollution, chemical, toxin and radiation can cause fetal damage in pregnant women. Her atmosphere should not have any allergy causing substance as pregnant women are delicate to such things. The environment should not have pollen grains, dust and smoke and such environment can cause rasher, shortness in breath, nausea or dizziness. Being pregnant would require you to have lots of fresh air and lack of it can lead to many problems to both mother and baby.
An environment where there is lot of air pollution and bustling noise such as regular smoking zones are as harmful as active smoking and they may affect the pregnant girl. In early stage of pregnancy, the mother is sensitive and so is the fetus. Excessive temperatures changes also affect the pregnancy and thus she should remain in an atmosphere where there is no excess warmth or coldness. Noisy environments also affect the girl as noise

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