The Year Was 1992 and Bill Clinton Had Just Been Elected Essay

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What all happened in 1992, was really more eventful than a person could realize. Throughout the year there were many exciting and scary things that happened all over. There were bombings that killed hundreds of people, hurricanes that caused devastating damage, and riots that upset entire cities. As a new year usually does, 1992 brought everyone a fresh start filled with memorable and nerve-wracking events from Bill Clinton being elected as the 42nd president, the LA riots, Tiger Woods being the youngest to ever join the PGA, Hurricane Iniki devastating people of Hawaii, and Mike Tyson being charged with rape. Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, throughout his presidency he accomplished many things from; creating new jobs to lower the …show more content…
The Police suspected him to be on drugs even though he was not. They beat him for nearly 15 minutes causing great damage to his body, from a fractured skull, broken bones and teeth, and permanent brain damage. The officers were taken to court and found not guilty by a mostly white jury causing an uproar in LA. Where a full blown riot took place for nearly five days. People finally realized that they need to stand up for their rights if they are ever going to get anything. So this is on instance where people decided if they were ever going to make a change they had to do something about it. The citizens were speaking out against oppression after being held down for so long, they were not just random acts of violence. Every person had their own reason. Through today people are standing up for what is truly right and what they deserve. Everyone one is trying to make a difference for the better, so they can stand as one and be their own individual. So no matter what a persons age is, if one person put the effort forward they can truly make a difference. Tiger Woods was asked to golf in his first PGA event at just the young age of 16. From there, there was no where he could go but up. Through all his hard work and determination he officially went professional in 1996 at the age of 26 and won his first major golf event only one year later. Tiger Woods revolutionized golf by being the

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