Essay on The Worldly Impact of Television

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The Worldly Impact of Television

The television had a very monumental role the world’s history. The television was first introduced in the early 1950’s. This new phenomenon of television took awhile for many people to catch on to, but once this device was received there was no looking back. The television set the stage for many things such as world news, local news, entertainment, and sports. The television allowed what used to be listeners to be able to view what was going on with their television set.

The television got its big chance in the early 1950’s with the end of WWII. This time was known as the golden age which followed the great depression. The returning soldiers brought a new sense of hope to the American public which
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It is common knowledge that everybody has at least one television set in there home and that the television set is in color. The television has not only emerged in production but also in what it has to offer to the public. For the world of sports shows like ESPN lead the way. ESPN is dedicated to 24 hour sports coverage and lets viewers be able to tune it at anytime of the day and see what has gone on in the world of sports for that day. It gives viewers the opportunity to know much more about individual players in all different levels and all different sports. The agencies that show sport games such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and ESPN have done different things to sports to make them more appealing to the viewers of the sports.

The audiences of the sporting events love the excitement of fast paced games. The networks know this fact and over the years have adapted some of the rules to help give character to some of the games. When basketball first started being played, the players could hold the ball as long as they wanted to just like high school basketball. To fix this problem the shot clock was introduced to speed up the game. Also, in the beginning of basketball there was no such thing as a three point line. The introduction of the three point line made it more exciting for viewers because teams could come back from large margins faster. In football, the two minute warning was introduced so the NFL could receive more money from there sponsors. The NFL

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