The World Wide Web Analysis Essay

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Imagine a life without internet, everything would be different, many would not know what to do. It was just 25 years ago that the internet was created and changed the world. In 1989, the World Wide Web was created by Tim-Berners-Lee. Before the internet, information had to be acquired by books, people, or other written works. Now, anything a person would ever need to know is at the tip of their fingers. There are many ways that the World Wide Web has changed the world. It is still not accessible to everyone, but it is rapidly growing. In wealthy countries most families have several ways to access the internet. The pros and cons of the internet are indefinite, but most would say that it has definitely more of a help than harm. Communication …show more content…
(“15”) The World Wide Web is contributing a lot of pros and cons to plagiarism. The cons are from the students. Students are more tempted than ever to plagiarize. The simplicity of plagiarizing is at an all-time high. The web allows anyone to copy and paste. With technology people no longer have to get a book and write the same information down, but they can simply click two buttons and copy information and then paste it to another paper. This is illegal and has serious consequences, but students are willing to take this risk. Bright students are plagiarizing too; Vincent Jacabazi said “They want the grade. That’s what they’re primarily concerned about… They need to get into medical school, law school” (qtd. in Thomson 1). The pros that the web is contributing to plagiarizing are for the teachers. It has never been so easy for a teacher to catch plagiarism. Websites such as iParadigms and Turnitin allow teachers to check a paper for plagiarism (Toosi 1-2). Plagiarism was not intended to happen when the internet was created but measures are being taken to prevent it. Social Media is taking over the web. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have millions of users. These websites are used for communication. Communicating can sometimes lead to bullying. These websites have unintentionally made bullying an all-day event. For the victims of bullying, it never stops.

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