The World Wide Web Analysis Essay

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The internet is something that we all use every day in our life. It can be used for endless possibilities like, checking your grades for school, or even sending someone an email. Everybody uses the internet for school projects, for work, or even just for your personal use. We, as humans, depend on the internet so much that I don’t think we can survive without it anymore. The internet has been an invention that has not only helped out society, but has also changed the world.
The World Wide Web can be described in many ways. It is mainly though an information system on the internet that allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links enabling the user to search for info by moving from one document to the other.
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The inventor of the World Wide Web is Tim Berners-Lee. Did you know that the initial purpose of the World Wide Web wasn’t immediately accepted? With the World Wide Web today, you can use it for professional use like pay taxes, or buying/selling of items or even just for personal use like to look of info. The World Wide Web has helped us in many ways.
If, I was given the option to be a Web Designer or a Web Master, I would defiantly choose to become a Web Designer. The main reason why I would choose to become a web designer instead of a web master is because it is more involved with the “creative” side of the website. The purpose of a web designer is simple; the client tells you what he or she would like on the website like pictures, font, colors, wallpapers, and even the layout of it. You train for this career by going to college and getting your bachelors degree. Most web designers also go for the certification programs to help advance their skills with advancing technologies. Some leadership skills that you would need for becoming a web designer are accountability, professionalism, and even business smarts. The main skill is professionalism because it shows the client that you can handle the project that they requested. You are more likely to get a job in this career in a big city with a big company. One reason why is because if you work for a big company in a big city, if you do really well

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