Essay on The Weimar Republic

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The Weimar Republic

There are many different opinions regarding the Weimar Republic’s situation by the beginning of 1929 and how well it had done for itself. However there can be no definite judgement because we will never know whether the Weimar Republic could have been developed into a stable parliamentary system if it had not been for the impact of the Depression. Some argue that the success of parliamentary government since 1945 illustrates how democracy could flourish in Germany, but the evidence suggests that there were major weaknesses within the Republic, even before the double blow of the death of Stresemann and the Great Depression of 1929. On the other hand however is the view that
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Now the reputation of the Weimar Republic had always been very low, their first action being the signing of the hated Treaty of Versailles in 1919, an action resented by Germans all the way up to 1929; 10 years later. The further disgrace heaped on them by the crisis of the Ruhr in 1923 left them hugely insulted and left them deeply regretful that they signed the treaty. On the other hand however, there was a great deal of support for a more democratic government system and voting turnout reached 76% in May of 1928, over ¾ of the people allowed to vote turned out, showing the range of support the government had. So it would seem that the social situation fluxuated between these years, however when we look at the fact that the 1919 elections had an 89% turnout compared to the 76% we can see that support was clearly declining towards 1929 and the government was becoming unstable and critical.

The main effects of the war, aside from social and political, was of course the catastrophic effect it had on the economy. Left reeling by the reparations from the war; 6,600 million pounds, it seemed improbable Germany would ever recover. Then there was the 1923 crisis of the Ruhr, as mentioned above. When the Germans stopped paying reparations in 1923 due to their own

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