The War in Iraq is Not Justifiable Essay

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The War in Iraq is Not Justifiable

Thousands of young men and women are sent overseas to be killed or injured only to return crippled for life or in a coffin. I commend all in the military for their service and I would never disrespect any soldier. In fact, my best friend?s brother entered the United States Navy out of high school and has served three years so far; he is in active duty serving on an aircraft carrier. I have the same feelings about the war in Iraq. I continually ask myself why thousands of men and women, injured or dead, may not know the purpose of this war. Like many Americans, I understood the reason for the invasion of Afghanistan, but the purpose of this war has been faulted from the beginning. An innocent
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Sad but to the point, the film shows how people thousands of miles away are affected by this war; Richard Cohen from the Washington Post calls this ?collateral damage? (Cohen). In his article ?The Muteness of Pain? he defines ?collateral damage? by the father of a slain soldier, who is mute and cannot bring himself to speak as his spouse reads the letters from their deceased son (Cohen).

After further reading from William Hamilton?s ?Who Voted for Hitler? and William Brustein?s ?The Logic of Evil: The Social Origins of the Nazi Party 1925-1933?, I established a connection between the 2000 Presidential elections and the elections in Germany in 1932 which ascended Adolf Hitler to the top of the Germany. In the German election of 1932, the Nazis joined the Nationalist party and united together with Alfred Hugenberg, the owner of a huge media empire. By joining with Hugenberg, the Nazis became associated with a respectable Conservative Party. This association increased Nazi votes and made Hitler more attractive to the middle class, while doing away with his reputation as a radical working class party leader. Hitler?s Nationalism would also appeal to people who felt resentful about Germany?s defeat in World War One like ex-soldiers for example. Joining Alfred Hugenberg allowed the Nazi party to have more media access, therefore allowing the Nazis to use mass amounts of propaganda and cinema to gain many votes. Hitler used slogans such as ?Work and

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