The Vampire: How the Genre has Morphed Essay

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Myths of werewolves, witches, and fairies have swept across the world, each being shaped by a culture, time, and other bizarre occurrences that people could not explain. These mythical creatures have terrified and awed audiences from around the world throughout time. One of the most widely known, and changed myths that has ever been shaped by any culture is that of the vampire. The vampire has gone from a feared, practically all-powerful, foul creature, to a popularized icon of mystery, romance, and undeniable sex appeal. Before becoming the vampires of today, the vampire underwent changes in its appearance, the bite that it made, the materials that warded it off, and the way it was, ultimately, destroyed.
Nosferatu, the first vampire
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As the Count crosses a room, it appears as if he is floating across the floor, rather than walking. In another scene, Hutter is peering out the window, and sees the Count climb down the outside of the castle into a small window stories beneath.
When Thomas Hutter comes to stay with the Count, Hutter becomes more and more ill, as he is bitten by the Count. The bite itself is never seen on tape, although the marks of the bite are portrayed as two marks similar to two juxtaposed mosquito bites. This filming technique of not showing the actual violence of someone being bitten is used as precedent for twenty years to come.
Much like later vampires, the Count has certain limitations. The Count must be invited into a home in order to set foot across the threshold. He is also unable to cross running water such as the ocean or rivers. The Count cannot be outside of his coffin between day break and sunset, otherwise he will vanish. One recurring symbol that is shown in this movie is a crucifix; the Count cannot come near the crucifix.
Count Orlok goes after Ellen, one night when Hutter was lured away from the house. While he is feasting upon her blood, the sun begins to come up. If caught in the sun, a vampire will turn to dust, such as he did, and, therefore, cannot terrorize a village anymore. This was the only way that a vampire may die in this film.
This film marked the beginning of what is considered the

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