The Use of Nature in The Charm Essay examples

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Nature regularly plays an integral role in all forms of literature whether it be novels, short stories, poetry, or screenplays. Ilfat Idilbi uses nature to the same extent in The Charm very effectively. In Idilbi's short story, nature is given the task of depicting the mood through the descriptions of the events as well as supplying symbolism that relates directly to the story line and the characters.. It also is a very important contributor to the depiction of the development of the main character, Um Safi. While these uses of nature are important for a deeper understanding of The Charm, they do not take away from the theme of the story if they are not understood completely. One of the most obvious uses of nature in the short story The …show more content…
The highest point and lowest point in Um Safi's life are both paired with contrasting scenes. When she gets married to the man she will come to love and looks out at the courtyard where she wishes to spend the rest of her life, she is very happy with what she sees for it is a beautiful courtyard with vibrant, blooming trees decorated and adorned with lanterns. In stark contrast, the lowest point in Um Safi's life comes as she circles her roof crying out to the jinn as she is paired with pounding rain, lightning, and a full darkness. Arguably the most important use of nature in this short story is the symbolism it contains. The foreshadowing that the symbols provide are integral to the story. For example, when Um Safi remembers the courtyard she glanced at before she was to get married, she remembers it as "a spacious courtyard with luxuriant shade trees and high arched doors with a fountain whose jet of sparkling water rose into the air and fell back, splashing , into a silvery pool. The lilac tree had bloomed for the wedding day; its branches were heavy with clusters of pale mauve flowers." This scene is symbolic for the rich and prosperous life she will live for the next twenty-five years. The lilac tree is especially important for it is a tree "she had watered and cared for during the twenty-five years of her marriage." In the end, when she falls off of the roof, the lilac tree which she had cared for ends up saving

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