The Use of DNA to Treat Disease Essay

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The Use of DNA to Treat Disease

In recent years there have been great advances in medical science.
Scientists believe that a gene can be transplanted into humans who
suffer from severe diseases that are life threatening. These gene
transplants could perhaps cure diseases for which no effective
treatment now exists. This treatment is called gene therapy, one
method in a series of genetic techniques called genetic engineering.
Many benefits can be seen in the future if this research is allowed to
continue, however, concerns about how gene therapy could effect humans
in the future and the ethics involved with possible misuse of the
techniques could hinder this vital research.

The human body is
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The information in somatic cells will not be passed
on to the next generation.

If the DNA of a particular gene contains mistakes then the gene may
not function properly. Sometimes the mistake will not have serious
effects on the body’s health, but other times it will cause a severe
genetic disease. Examples of this are cystic fibrosis, sickle cell
anemia and hemophilia. Hemophilia, for instance, is caused by a
malfunction in the gene that makes the blood clot. As further research
into human genetics is carried out it is becoming clear that other
diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and some manic
depressive illnesses also result from faulty DNA information.

For some of these genetic diseases, there are effective therapies that
do exist. Drugs, blood transfusions, changes in diet or
transplantation of organs can often help to compensate for the
incorrect information from the malfunctioning gene, e.g. a clotting
factor can be introduced to help people suffering with hemophilia.

Human gene therapy is another approach to the treatment of genetic
diseases. The basic idea is to insert normal genes with the correct
information into the DNA of cells with malfunctioning genes. Adding
genes in this way is called “gene insertion.”

The added genetic information would allow the effected cells to
function properly and may reduce or eliminate the signs and symptoms
of a…

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