The United States Should Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide

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As 2016 gains in proximity the presidential candidates have been decided and the various issues on the platform for the Presidential candidates are becoming finalized. The presidential candidates focus on the issues to secure the votes of the American people. Presidential candidates avoid topics that are controversial, for example abortion. In 2016 the topic of Physician Assisted Suicide will not be on the platform, but why? Physician Assisted Suicide is a very heated topic in the United State of America because of the affects it could have on the people of the United States. A few select states, Vermont, Montana, Oregon, and Washington within the United State have taken a stand for or against Physician Assisted Suicide but there has …show more content…
Although this is not a deciding factor in Physician Assisted Suicide it can decrease the cost of a prolonged illness when there is nothing that can be done to improve the quality of life. The use of a living will would be beneficial for a family when deciding if Physician Assisted Suicide is a good choice for the patient. Although Physician Assisted Suicide could be difficult to choose; living wills, right to die act and death with dignity act could help to ease that burden. Physician Assisted Suicide occurs in many different forms. The Physician assisting in the suicide can assist directly or indirectly. When a doctor directly assists s/he is present during the time where the lethal drug enters the body. A doctor may also indirectly assist the terminally ill patient by giving him or her the necessary medications to take home and use at their own convenience. Voluntary Active Physician Assisted Suicide is the act of administering medication with the competent patient’s consent. Involuntary Active Physician Assisted Suicide is when lethal medications are given to a patient who is able to give consent but has not. Non-Voluntary Physician Assisted Suicide is the administration of lethal drugs that cause death, for a patient that is incompetent and is mentally incapable of consenting. Non-Voluntary Physician Assisted Suicide is the closest Physician Assisted Suicide that can lead to legalization of murder. Laws would be put in

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