The United States Educational Paradigm: Meeting the Needs of Present Day Students

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Is the current educational paradigm adequate to meet the needs of present day students? Can America retain its place on the global market if the student continue to be educated using the strategies and methods that we currently operate under. Our students must be critical problem solvers. The development and successful implementation of 21st Century Learning Skills by the present day student will ensure their continued academic success on the global scene. The American school system has long since been a driving force in education. The world has looked to us for current trends in education as well as for the development of new learning paradigms. 21st Century Learning Skills offer six key elements for the continued academic …show more content…
While the computer will greatly advance the volume of written material a student can add to the global community he still needs to be able to correctly formulate a sentence. While 21st skills will allow students access to information at a faster rate, he stills needs to be able to read and comprehend the information in order to make credible decisions based on that information. If the students in American are unable to relate to information in a similar manner as other students that they encounter they will lack the basic skills necessary to maintain any intellectual dialogue. The core subjects have not changed. The basic information covered in these core subjects has not changed and Secondly, the educational system must emphasize the development of new learning skills. The following 21st Century list of anticipated skills highlights the heights to which the current schools expect to ascend. (Simmons, 2011) Constance Simmons writes, “Having students engaged in the learning experience is necessary to ensure that they learn the new objectives presented to them.” “The challenge for teachers today is to make lessons relevant to students’ everyday lives.” The introduction will tap into the skills that children are already developing. It is rare to finds a child that has not been exposed to a computer or who does not have some form of technology in their home. The task of educators today is to tap into the everyday

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