The Total Marriage, written by Jeffery and Pattiejean Brown Essay

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The Total Marriage, written by Jeffery and Pattiejean Brown, has much practical advice for couples in the twenty first century. The book first started with a Bible text from Ephesians 5:28-33 which is telling us that a man should leave his parents’ house and start a family on his own. On the same hand people get marry because they think that their partner is the ideal person, after a while that same partner becomes an ordeal then and there that partner thinks he or she wants a new deal. Like the giant and David in a marriage there will be giant to conquer within our relationships and that it need more than the help of humans. The question was ask in the book “contentment or commitment, rights or responsibilities? In marriages it may not …show more content…
Once again Jeffery and Pattiejean l;have given those of us who desire a strong, vibrant and healthy marriage a gift that every couple can benefit from. No matter where you are in your marriage relationship you will find help, hope and some humor in these pages. There are many definitions for love but then which definitions do people uses the Holy word one or Hollywood one? “God took the bone from the side, which means that the wife is equal to the husband. From under his arms which means he is supposed to protect her. From near his heart, which means he’s supposed to love her.” Before a relationship is started we first fall in love, but love is not all in a relationship. In a relationship it takes much more than loves to build a strong relationship: you need commitment, loyalty, money, and the list goes on. On the other hand love is the key and the power of these three keys will make a difference if they are use. The first one is love your partner has Paul said “love your bother with brotherly affection. The second one is love yourself meaning take care of yourself. The third one is love your God, Paul also remind us that our strength should come from the Lord mighty power from within. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Brown speak so powerfully on love they also stated that singleness may be a gift from God; however it may come with a lot of disadvantages such as loneliness. In 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 stated that each partner should give to the other what belongs to him or

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