The Theory of Knowledge Essay examples

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“That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Knowledge itself can be compared to a small child who is about to begin the long way in learning. Why this comparison? Since, as the child grows and goes through all the school years, with time, he will learn more and more than what he did before. The same situation can be applied to knowledge itself. The pursuit of knowledge has lead mankind to the point of development we are at as of the 21st century. With the passing of time, new ideas and methodologies, and key technological developments have lead, not to discarding knowledge, but to modifying our previous knowledge. The word “discarded” can be utilized as representing two different ideas: either …show more content…
Our knowledge at a certain period of time stated that genome editing, stem cell research and even going to the moon were only science fiction things. Nonetheless, now all these are part of our reality and we are able to perform them. Taking as an example stem cell research, anyone who said that we could recreate any type of cell from stem cells would have been thought of being crazy. However, thanks to technological developments made with the passing of time, it is part of the natural sciences’ society, and stem cell research could lead to further key developments for mankind. As a kid I used to read many science fiction books, and I would have thought how cool it seemed to be able to clone someone – to have another me exactly the same; how much fun would it have been. Nowadays, cloning is a reality and it is even practiced with success as in the case of Dolly the sheep. On the other hand, despite technological advancements, the natural sciences have still not been able to completely modify our previous knowledge and get rid of all those limitations in mankind’s race towards development. Aspects still remaining as part of fiction are those like, for example, going to other planets. People have always dreamt of going to Space, and many movies and books have been made based on this idea. Is it possible that our knowledge will allow us one day to reach another planet? At this exact point in the development scale, our knowledge

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