The Theory of Knowledge Essay

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"That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow." Every day events occur and new discoveries are made. These discoveries can range from smaller personal discoveries about ones self or life, all the way to larger discoveries in science and in history. These discoveries have the possibility of changing the way that certain things are taught and viewed. This leads to the knowledge issue of to what extent are knowledge claims more malleable in natural sciences rather than in history. Knowledge is thought of to be information that’s gained and understood through experience, and knowledge claims are claims made by an individual about this knowledge. In the two areas of knowledge, …show more content…
For almost eighty years, Pluto has been regarded as a planet, and then, in 2006, that changed. Science is changed and improved all the time and it starts with just a thought that there may be a new and improved way to do something. The entire world had taken this claim to be knowledge and then one day that was changed. Something this big and controversial was changed showing that through improving technology, claims that have once been made in natural sciences are easily discarded and completely changed. This shows how malleable scientific claims are due to advancements in the field.
A counterargument to this claim is that if science has once proved something to be factual, then there must be some accuracy in that claim and that there’s no way to completely ignore a claim that once existed. Throughout the history of medicine, advancements are made pretty regularly. One day a doctor will treat an illness one way and the next day a new and improved way to treat this same illness has come out, or just new knowledge in general has been discovered leading to better medical practices. New medical advancements are made and typically are built off of old

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