The Theme of Love in Mariana and The Despairing Lover Essay

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The Theme of Love in Mariana and The Despairing Lover

This essay will explore and explain how the theme of love is shown and presented in two different poems. 'Mariana' is one poem and was written by Tennyson, the other is 'The despairing lover' which was written by William Walsh. By analysing both poems, it will determine how the theme of love is shown.

'Mariana' is a poem about love, isolation and abandonment. Tennyson is quite serious, sympathetic and not critical of Mariana at all. He tries to encourage sympathy from the reader by using repetition to remind us of her despair,

"She only said, 'My life is dreary,

He cometh not,' she said;

She said, 'I am aweary, aweary,

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The whole poem has a fairly constant rhythm. Longer syntax allows rhythm to be slow and drawn out and the use of semi colons within the poem breaks the rhythm and shows passage of time which suggest Mariana's constant suffering.

The theme of love dominates this poem with it being the cause of Mariana's pain which is the focus of the poem. It is presented using all of the devices previously analysed and gives the whole poem a sense of depression.

The poem "The despairing lover" is again a poem about love and rejection. This poem however is more mocking than 'Mariana' and is less serious, "poor Damon" written near the beginning of the poem suggests this. A similarity between the two poems is that they both have a suicidal feeling to them and a depressing atmosphere. Words such as "despair, languish and anguish" show this.

This is a more narrative poem than 'Mariana'; it has fewer syllables in each word and the poem as a whole is much shorter and sharper. This reveals the poets less serious approach to love.

The mood of this poem is slightly similar to 'Mariana' as they both are suicidal and depressing, but in this poem, the atmosphere is more mocking like, and less serious. Towards the end of the poem, the mood changes dramatically, where Damon realises that love is not worth dying for. The atmosphere is much calmer here, as it

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