Essay about The Terrible Tragedy of Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Imagine you and your loved ones were taken away to some unknown camp and separated into groups based on your gender. Imagine the dreadful screams coming from children and their parents refusing to part from their families. Genocides around the world may have happened for no particular reason, but still have a significant impact in our past. The genocide of Bosnia is an immense example of extermination against a specific group of people due to hatred and anger. The Genocide of Bosnia occurred roughly between the years of 1992-1995 (Bosnian-Herzegovina 1992-1995 200,000 Deaths). This genocide also took place in the small country of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995 200,000 Deaths). Bosnia-Herzegovina was considered tiny …show more content…
Meanwhile, men and boys were transported into a separate group (Talking about Genocide-Genocides). At this time, these guiltless boys and men were expected to be executed (Genocide in Bosnia 1992-1995). Once these separations happened, most families never saw each other again. The Bosniaks and the Serbs were the main people involved in the Bosnian genocide. The Bosnian Muslims were referred to as the Bosniaks and the Bosnian Serbs were called the Serbs (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995 200,000 Deaths). The misery began in the early 1990s, when supposedly the Serbs grew furious. Ratko Mladic was considered the Serb tyrant at the time of the genocide (Bosnia Genocide Suspect Ratko Mladic Jailed in Serbia). Ratko wanted the Bosnian land to himself and his Serb troops. He basically wanted to wipe out the Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats out of the picture. Ratko’s plan was to create camps (just as the Nazis did during the Holocaust). He demanded all men and boys executed for no specific reason and all women and girls were removed from the land of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Genocide of Bosnia 1992-1995). Ratko had made these decisions based on anger, even though most of these innocent people had done nothing wrong. In addition to the setting and the people whom were involved in this genocide, the biggest question would have to be, “Why did the Bosnian genocide occur?” It is said, that

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