Essay on The Telecommunication Industry

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The way people communicate with each other is changing during the last years.
The Telecommunication industry has become very important for the business since the technology mark his way broadly (Chong et al., 2007). Thought the year’s technology has made enormous steps and has facilitated the development of peoples’ life style. More and more people are interested to stay connected with families, relatives and also with their business. As the television and the radio has developed the telephone has also make his way and welcome mobile phone connection. Nevertheless the need for fixed phone connection for some homes and businesses cannot be ignored. Customer needs and wants are important to know and salvage because by
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The major change made to the post-paid fixed telephone connection is that customers instead of paying ANG 18,- now are charged with a ANG 25,- for the subscription. The following changes have been applied to pre-paid fixed telephone connection (Telefasil service):
• Introduced Basic fee per subscription at ANG 25,-
• New basic fee includes 20 free minutes of local calls from one fixed line to another, applicable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
• Local rate for calls from one fixed line to another were reduced to ANG 0.16 per call and 0.04 per minute applicable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
• Local rate for calls to cell phone has been reduced to ANG 0.50 per minute.
• A monthly invoice for the basic fee of ANG 25,- per month will be sent to the clients.
Despite these changes aspects such as recharge the pre-paid accounts with a “Tillin” Card and other competitive international rates remain unchanged.
Besides, all services referred to after sale f.e. phone repair, are the same for prepaid as postpaid fixed telephone connection.

The focus of this report is to study the how the customer satisfaction of customers of UTS has been affected by these changes. This matter has led to the development of the problem statement “How satisfied are customers of UTS with the changes in the fixed services”. The results of this research will help the researcher draw conclusions and so give recommendations to UTS about the satisfaction level of their

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