The Teaching About the Kingdom of God in the Parables of Mark’s Gospel

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The Teaching About the Kingdom of God in the Parables of Mark’s Gospel

Jesus’ message from the beginning of Mark’s Gospel is:

“The right time has come and the Kingdom of God is near! Turn away from your sin and believe the Good News”

The announcement of the Kingdom of God is the most important topic of the whole Gospel. For entrance into the Kingdom of God, you must repent. Doing this means a person has to completely change his or her life. The religious leaders of the time did not believe this. While the tax-collectors and sinners saw him to give them another chance and his teaching also gave them hope for another better world.

There are four main parables that talk about the Kingdom of God
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* among thorns- grew up and choked the plants, so they did not bear grain

* in good soil- it came up, grew and produced a crop, multiplying 100 times.

These four different kinds of soil represent four different kinds of people, they are:

* the irresponsible hearer- Satan carries off the word giving the person no chance to respond

* the shallow hearer- the person who has no roots, lacking depth and persistence

* the worldly hearer- the person who is seduced by the pleasures of the world

* the responsive hearer- the person who, living a life of faith, obtains depths, according to his faith.

The meaning of the parable today

The parable of the sower is still relevant today. There have been many times in history when Christianity has faced difficult times. Sometimes it has been persecution or suppression. Other times it has been treated with apathy. Throughout all these difficulties the Kingdom of God has survived and flourished. The allegorical interpretation of the parable also continues to have meaning. Even if the comparison of people with different types of soil seems strange, the idea of examining someone’s faith is a good idea. Christians sometimes need to reflect on their faith as it is easy to be

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