The Sun Also Rises Essay

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The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes proclaims that while generations may pass away, the Earth abides forever. That the sun also rises just as it sets. It explains the circular movement of nature and the unlimited endurance of the earth even though human generations' last only a short time. It is a message that ironically couples awe in the earth with the realization that human existence plays only a miniscule part in the workings of the universe.

Hemingway begins with this allusion to Ecclesiastes in his own novel, The Sun Also Rises. In it Hemingway paints a story about a group of expatriated intellectuals living in Paris. They are part of the "lost" generation. Hemingway gives insight into the moral, sexual, religious, intellectual
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That is, excluding Robert Cohn who is an outsider that does not really understand the rest of the group. To them, life contains little or no meaning. They believe in nothing outside of the visible universe. There is no God no heaven or hell and no ideal in the world. They only thing that they can do is to live as nobly with this knowledge as they can without complaint.

Not far into the novel it is learned that Jake suffered a genital wound while serving during the war. This wound renders him incapable of performing sexually. Hemingway uses this as an opportunity to explore sexuality as well as to cause Jake to go on a search for his place in society. When Jake is at the Bal musette in chapter three, he sees Brett enter with a group of men. It is insinuated by Jake that these men are probably homosexual. He seems jealous of them possibly because they are potent and virile men that only choose not to fulfill masculine behavior while he is unable to physically. He mentions that he dislikes them (homosexuals) immensely, but he is ironically treated like a homosexual by most women because of his impotence.

Jake is in love with Brett Ashley but he cannot be with her because of his wound. Brett is nearly a nymphomaniac and even though she is in love with Jake as well she also says she would go to other men to fulfill her sexual needs. When he returns home after the party in chapter four he sees himself in the mirror as he is getting into

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