Essay on The Student as an Athlete

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The Student as an Athlete

The student athlete is a term often used to describe a member of the student body at an institution as well as a member of one of the schools athletic teams. This is not a label that includes students who play recreational sports during their leisure time; this term is used for those students who split their time between athletics and academics.

In the beginning of inter-collegiate competition and even now the governing body the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) wanted athletes to maintain their amateurism. Being an amateur means, to remain unpaid why competing and performing a c. Athletes were to come from the student body and off-campus recruitment of athletes was prohibited. The problem
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These scholarships were seen as payment for services rendered but the NCAA still made claim to amateurism. Since the scholarships were given for 4 years it allowed for athlete’s who stopped playing to continue to receive aid. This policy would soon be changed as well when officials and coaches began to complain about the 4 year scholarship deal and wanted the ability to terminate a players scholarship if they weren’t getting the job done. In the late 1960’s legislation was passed that allowed for a school to terminate a players scholarship if the player didn’t live up to his end of the bargain; if he didn’t go to practice, was involved in misconduct that was warranting of substantial disciplinary action or conduct detrimental to the team. In the early 90’s another stipulation was added to scholarships that would allow renewal of the scholarships based on on-court performance, this turned athletic scholarships into basic employment contracts but the NCAA still called it’s athletes amateurs.

The Athlete as a Student

One of the biggest problems of college basketball players and academics stems from the fact that the majority of the players entering top division 1 programs are in the bottom quarter of their class. Division 1 schools are usually the larger universities like Maryland, Duke, North Carolina and Stanford to name a few, Towson is also a division 1 school. This fact has made it necessary for

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