The Story of Debbie Jean Melton Essay

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The year Debbie began the six grade, her or Candi did not know this would be the year that would change their lives forever. This year of school started out great, Debbie seemed to have built up some self-esteem, and was excited about school this year. She was so happy to have such a good friend in Candi. A little over half-way of the school year the most devastating thing happened. Debbie arrived at school one day, and waited on Candi's bus to arrive as usual. The bus came but Candi or her sister Paige was not on it. Debbie knew it was going to be a rough day at school without Candi there. After lunch that day, Debbie had gone to the restroom and when she came back, Candi and Paige were there. They were getting stuff out of
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Debbie cried and cried the thought of not having her best friend in high school with her was terrible. This was the only school year Debbie had perfect attendance. This defiantly affected Debbie's social and emotional development. She began thinking negatively about things, and thought nothing ever went her way. Theory says that at this age their individual characteristics and social environment will effect their motivation, behavior, self-perception, and their mental health(Eccles, 1999) It greatly affected Debbie's life goals.
Debbie was so lost when she started high school. She was again a loner. She was so concerned about her body image. She was still overweight probably considered obese. Her self-esteem was hitting rock bottom again. All these things did affect Debbie's school performance. In her sophomore year, she started to make a few friends. They probably were not the best of friends because this is when she started drinking alcohol. Her grades started to slip, and many things became confusing for her. A few months into her junior year of High School, Debbie's mother came to get her and to inform her fraternal grandmother had passed. Debbie had not seen her grandmother lately because she had recently got her drivers licenses and was more worried about hanging out with those so called friends drinking and whatever. The news of her grandmother, and

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