The Steady Increase in the Cost to go to College Essay

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If you are interested in going to college, this may be important information for you to read. College costs steadily increase and it would be beneficial to you to know how to cut college costs and get financial aid. College is important to get a better job and live with a smaller amount of financial struggle. The effects of the steady increase in the cost to go to college will probably draw people away from going to college. With higher costs there may be less people, more stress for people in college, and a possible financial struggle for anyone who pays the higher costs.
There will be a decrease in people with a college education. That said, there will also be a decrease in people with a higher paying job. Education is very important and
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With less money to pay bills they will also have a harder time buying things that they want or need to have. People may need some sort of financial aid for food or services if they do not get paid enough for doing their job. All of these things combined will make for a very stressed person most likely and stress can lead to health problems and sometimes even death eventually.
Much more stress is put on people with higher college costs and pressure from parents to tell them to go to the college they want them to. Even though people should be able to choose the college that they go to or to not go to college at all, many parents can be selfish and not care about what their child actually wants to do with their life and education. Actually, it may seem selfish, but the parents actually just wants what they think is best for their child. Even if it is the best thing for their child, they still should respect the opinion and the choice of the child no matter what the parent may think of the opinion and the choices that the child makes or decides. Too much stress is very unhealthy and drive people crazy and cause them to do something that they wouldn’t normally do.
A decrease in people going to college and a decrease in money from not going to college to get a better paying job and the increased amount of stress would be caused by the increase in the cost to go to

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