Essay on The Spoken Word Poetry Culture

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Spoken Word Poetry This research paper will be about the Spoken Word Poetry culture which has been around for many years. Ancient Greeks are said to have recited epic poems aloud just as actors from the days of Shakespeare recited Shakespeare's soliloquies aloud in front of an audience. As a preteen I became a part of the spoken word community because it was a way for me to express myself through words. However it wasn't until I was fifteen or sixteen that I truly traveled over to the Spoken Word Culture. I learned about other Spoken word poets like Sarah Kay who is the creator of Project Voice. I became interested in Spoken-Word Poetry though YouTube videos and the influence of my older sister who is also a spoken-word poet. Even though …show more content…
Spoken word poetry consists of exciting poetic phrases,heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, free association, repettion, word play and slang. What's interesting about Spoken word poetry is that it really does not have to include poetry at all. Spoken word poetry can be stand up comedy, a short story, a difficult message like a break up speech or even a speech about anything. All that matters is the way it's performed and that's what makes it Spoken word poetry. There's an art in performing the way a Spoken Word Poet does. The authors Marc Kelly Smith and Joe Kraynak wrote the book titled Take the Mic: The Art of Performance Poetry, Slam, and the Spoken Word. In the first chapter of this book, the authors explain what poetry slams are, they also go in depth as to point out the common belief most people have of what they think poetry slams are. From reading the first chapter of this book a reader can learn about the competitive aspects of poetry slams, the definition of poetry slams and exactly what poetry slam isn’t. In their book Kelly and Kraynak explain to their readers the importance of having life when preforming a Spoken Word.
It takes gut intuition, confidence, empathy and the ability to manipulate words and their meaning. Kelly and Kraynak’s book on the art of performing poetry goes further in depth on what it takes in order to perform any piece to its best potential. Most poets utilize poetry as an instrument and outlet to reach people

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