The Social Network and Bejamin Franklin Ideas Essay examples

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As we referred in the lecture, Hollywood is a reflection of Franklinean ideas itself. Therefore, many of Hollywood movies contain the ideas of Franklin about self-help, self-educate, and so on. However, one of the most important things is about how Hollywood want the world to identify America and its people through these films. In this essay, I focus on “The Social Network”, the film about the rise of Facebook and its chairman Mark Zuckeberg. The essay gives the readers the ideas of how Hollywood identify Facebook and its founders. All of these ideas also show the relationship between the film with Franklin’s view on identification and his thirteen virtues.
Firstly, we should consider about the context of the film. The film is about the
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Secondly, the essay analyzes the two main type of characters in-depth, which are Mark Zuckeberg, and Eduardo Saverin to see how Hollywood identify them. Eduardo Saverin is a undergraduate of Havard Business School, who then become the co-founder and CFO of Facebook. He emphasis on financing sector of the firm, which he is very good at, and his identity to other people. Through the film, the audiences can notice that Hollywood intend to show how Saverin always care about his identity. In the early scene when Mark and his roomates try to use Facemash to rate the hottest girl on campus, while the trouble-makers still feel excited, the only thing Saverin care about is to shut down the website before they get into trouble. The way Hollywood want to identify the real Saverin is that he really want to keep his good identity in front of people, especially his father, and even to enhance it by joining the Phoenix club and it seems like he can do anything to maintain his membership. Moreover, the ways he use his language to communicate with other people also show his obsession of becoming an important figure on campus or in Facebook. The scene which Mark and Saverin are in the lecture giving by Bill Gates, give us a very solid understanding about Saverin, when the girl

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