The Smithsonian 9/11 Website Essay

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Medium of production, textual form, perspective and choice of language are all core factors in influencing the meaning of a text. Choice of language can play a pivotal role in providing an insight into the author of a texts' perspective, which is vital when determining the intended meaning of a text. Textual form and the medium of production of a text are also important, as these help to convey the author's perspective, and results in a better understanding of the meaning of the text. The impacts of these factors will be evaluated in the following examples, which illustrates how they can influence meaning in texts, in regards to the relationships between individual memory and documented events. An example of how the medium of …show more content…
The choice of language, using words such as “shocking”, “armed terrorists hijacked”, “attacks destroyed”, and “killed” is used to evoke an emotional response from readers, and is effective in conveying the intended message of the site. This representation of the events on 9/11 is due to the combined factors of medium of production, perspective, textual form and choice of language. A similar view is depicted in the following document, from the stimulus material.

The simple layout of the "9/11 by the numbers" document (Written text 2 of the stimulus material) is effective in promoting its singular perspective of the event. The straight forward and simple style of listing statements through the use of dot-points down the page (and the use of bold font for the actual numbers) is effective in catching the eye of the responder, and highlights each line. This textual form allows for a clearer presentation of the text's intended meaning. Along with this textual form, the choice of language can also play an important role in influencing the meaning of a text.

For instance, the use of emotive language such as "killed", "died" and "attacks" is frequent throughout the text, and is employed to elicit an emotional response from the reader. This is an example of how the choice of

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