The Singles’ Scene Essay

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The Singles’ Scene "[W]e are all often complicit in the silencing of students.
The victims often silence themselves as well…"(Hall 7).

Is my hair ok? How does my makeup look? Am I going to look like a geek if I answer another question? Do I have to play sports to impress the girls? These kinds of insecurities flood an adolescents mind when placed into a coed education. Instead of focusing on the task put forth by the teacher, the task that should be the most important thing on his or her mind, adolescents are distracted by others around them, especially the opposite sex. Preteens have "a lot on their plates". New schoolwork, new bodies, and new feelings are just part of their every day lives. On top of all of this they are
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This experience allows the student to become more confident and to find ones own identity without the strong influences of the opposite sex. From the fourth grade to the eighth grade I was in an all girls school. At first it seemed unnecessary and I felt overprotected by my parents and my school. However as I progressed through the grades I came to see the benefits of this sort of education. Roberta Hall and her colleagues state that even in a college environment single-sex education is beneficial to girls. She writes,

"Another study showed that women in women’s colleges participated more in discussion at the end of the semester then at the beginning, but that at coeducational institutions, women’s participation declines throughout the semester" (Hall 7).

Learning in a single sex environment, I became an outspoken student in all areas, even the ones I felt ungrounded in. Participation was accepted and greatly encouraged. I would not be labeled as an overachiever if I wanted to succeed. On the one hand I had my school time, which was focused around a single sex education, but on the other I was not completely isolated from the outer coed world. My school was a part of a set of schools, one all boys and one all girls. This situation gave the student the best of both worlds. During our class time we were an exclusively female school but we had a very strong connection

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