The Self as Brahman Essay

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Ordinary human existence is a finite experience marked by episodes of pleasure, but these moments of satisfaction are punctuated by periods of pain and change. It is not possible to reach fulfillment from a life within these boundaries, as an attachment to a changing world represents a connection that is tied to non-permanence. In cases of this tie to an erratic, unpredictable reality, we are undercut by the flux of the world, and ultimately made vulnerable by this change, and we cannot experience ultimate fulfillment. To break this free from this cycle of change, we must realize the self as Brahman. It is through this realization that we can achieve unification with the ultimate reality and we can reach fulfillment.
Brahman is the
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Brahman is an undifferentiated, universal consciousness that is in all things, of all things, and the root of all. The extent of Brahman is so beyond measurement and description that it is incomprehensible to us. It is the source of life, which lives in each person, but yet it does not exist. Brahman is the true nature of the self. It is a unified reality and absolute being that cannot be described.
In realization of the self as Brahman and Atman, the distinction between what is self and what is not-self falls away. This realization is our connection with the ultimate reality and it allows us to recognize our role in oneness as, and with, Brahman. Through this we gain the imperishable qualities of this ultimate being, and we break free of a cycle of pain and pleasure, becoming invulnerable and satisfied. By opening our eyes to the true nature of Brahman, we are able to open our eyes to the true nature of ourselves. Without Brahman, what we know of satisfaction is only in contrast to pain and suffering. We recognize pleasure only through our connection to adversity and limitation. Through connection with Brahman, however, the need for these contrasts is eliminated. There is no pain, there is only a wholeness unknown to those invested in the principles of duality. When our reality becomes changeless we become unattached from a cycle of suffering. We are able to recognize the infinite reality that is

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