The Scientific Debate of Creation Essay

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One of the biggest issues facing Christianity in terms of apologetics is the scientific debate of Creationism. This is a very interesting debate because rather than trying to prove a different points such as the “Big Bang Theory” or evolutionary theory, they instead accept all other hypothesis as scientific fact and start with the assumption that Biblical science can never be accurate. Here are some of the argued points regarding Creationism, summarize from the Not So Deep Thoughts website (Pettit):
I. The Problem of Creationism Stated as a logical dilemma
A. Source of Evidence
1. Creation Science is based solely on the Bible
2. The Bible is full of inaccurate facts (even shows differing Creation accounts)
3. Therefore, Creation Science
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In the second point, while it is true that Creation Scientists disagree on some things, such as the age of the earth, but that does not negate the common belief of every Creationist that God created the earth; this is why people call them Creationists. Evolutionists cannot agree on everything either, including scientifically dating objects.
The third point assumes that all science can be tested and proven, but there is no scientific way to test the Big Bang Theory or the theory of evolution; much like the Bible, these scientists bases these theories on interpretations of observable facts. The Large Hadron collider in Switzerland cost several billion dollars to create, and costs many millions more to operate ever year with the assumption that they could simulate the big bang and isolate the “Higgs-Boson” particle, also called the God particle, which they assume created everything. While they claim to recreate the first “billionth of a second of the Big Bang” (Large Hadron Collider), they ultimate have no guaranteed answers to the origins of life.
The fourth item states a lack of evidence, but some evidence is lost entirely in the flood (early civilizations, Eden, etc.), and scientists often ignore some evidence, such as evidence of a world-wide flood, or interpret them in entirely different ways. While young earth Creationists point to the rock strata in the Grand Canyon

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